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Brian Feeney, the da Vinci Project team leader.  Brian has a strong background in large project management and 3D Computer Aided Design.  He also has extensive design and analytical skills in liquid rocket propulsion engines and systems, and aero structure layouts, RCS, flight profile and trajectories

The da Vinci Project, led by Brian Feeney of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, registered as a contender for the X PRIZE on June 2, 2000. A reusable helium balloon will lift our spacecraft, "Wild Fire" to an altitude of 80,000 feet. This is where Wild Fire's rocket engines will fire and propel the crew to the 100 km altitude goal -- space.

The da Vinci project is not about the way things have been done before.

The da Vinci project is about innovation through design and teamwork.

The Design

It's simple. Basic aerodynamics tells us that fueling a massive ground launched rocket just won't do. It is too expensive and technologically complex. It is not re-useable, nor is it an economically viable answer to repeatedly reaching the outer limits.

By simplifying the flight sequence and by incorporating existing and proven technologies we can reach sub-orbit.

See our flight sequence and technical specs for design details.

The Team

We want you on board.

We are pulling together the best and brightest in Canada in a collaborative effort to realize this dream. People driven by the simple desire to participate and contribute to the true nascence of human space exploration.

Already, volunteers from dozens of fields are contributing their time and expertise to the development of the da Vinci Project.

Volunteer or provide corporate support for Canada's first entry in the race to become the world's first private space mission.

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