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Feb 25, 2003 CFDRC Software Integral Part of da Vinci Project Quest to Win the International X PRIZE Competition
Nov 18, 2002 New Major Sponsor from the U.S.A. joins the da Vinci Project
Sept 4, 2002 The Da Vinci Polytechnic Institute announces sponsorship of the da Vinci Project
July 2, 2002 X Prize and da Vinci Project featured in July 2002 issue of Discover Magazine
Sept 10, 2001 Press Release: da Vinci Project at 28th annual Premium and Incentives Show in Toronto
Aug 30, 2001 Press Release: 3-2-1... LIFT-OFF! Canadian Business Gets Boost Into Space
Aug 15, 2001 Press Release: YourLogoGoesHere Joins Space Race
June 11, 2001 Press Release: OpenAir selected by the da Vinci Project
May 2, 2001 Press Release: da Vinci Project Unveils Rocket
March 9, 2001 Flight Guidance Systems to be used by the da Vinci Project Tested - Second test of full-scale engines also performed
July 17, 2000 Press Release: da Vinci Project Enters $10 Million X-Prize
January 1999 Rocket Engines Flight Tested in New Mexico
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