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Web Takes Notice as da Vinci Project Picks up Steam
Space enthusiasts the world over are reading articles on the web of the da Vinci Project progress. From Saskatchewan to the United States the buzz is that the Canadian contingent will be well represented in the quest for the X Prize. Take a look at what the media is saying as we guide you through a cornucopia of articles on the X Prize, and our progress:
Globe News
Two half hour programs airing this week on the National
Geographic Channel, On Assignment program. On Assignment airs weeknights
7 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT.

Monday, December 15: Wally Funk and the Mercury 13. In the late 1950's
NASA decided to begin testing women for the astronaut program. The women
performed at as high a level as the men, but the program was cancelled
anyway. One of the women, Wally Funk, has never given up on the dream of
space flight. Now, teamed with a private rocket team headed by a woman,
she's closer to reaching space than ever.

Wednesday, December 17 (100th anniversary of flight) : The New Space
Race/ The X-Prize. The X-Prize is 10 million dollars for the first
privately funded rocket to bring three people to space and back, and
then repeat the feat within two weeks. The prize has started a movement.
Now, around the world, 24 official X-Prize teams, and some exciting
independents, are pushing the limits of technology and their own
endurance to be the first private citizens to break the bonds of planet
Globe News
Rocket-Balloon Combo First Private Space Ship?

Globe News
Entrepreneur shoots for stars and $10 million.
Globe News
In Search of the Wright Stuff.
Globe News
Sun Microsystems of Canada Provides Hardware to da Vinci Project.
Globe News
Power of Sun Microsystems adds big muscle to da Vinci Project.

"FEA Gets da Vinci Project Off the Ground" - Design for first commercial manned space flight rides on analysis and simulation.

Irish Echo's Real Life Rocket Man

X Prize Contestant Chooses Launch Site

SPACE TODAY ONLINE - Private Experimental Space Rocket Challenge

Former NASA Shuttle Astronaut to Judge X Prize Competition

Autodesk Inventor 7

Canadian Team joins race for X Prize

Canadian X Prize Team Unveils Rocket Prototype
da Vinci Project logo
X Prize Hopeful Announces Project Astronauts

Autodesk Expands Manufacturing Solutions With Introduction of Autodesk Inventor Professional 7

After Columbia, X Prize Entrants Remain Committed to Space
OpenAir Project Management Solution Chosen to Put People in Space

Toronto Life Magazine Scans - "Out of This World" - The Inside Story on Brian Feeney and the da Vinci Project.
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The Future of Canadian Space Flight
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World's First Independent Space Launch from Saskatchewan
Globe News
Saskatchewan Wants Own Rocket Man


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Space is the Place for Kindersley

Toronto Sun Talks to da Vinci Project - "No Space for Fear - Tragedy can't deter rocket men"
Wall Street Journal Online
The Wall Street Journal Online
The Wall Street Journal did a feature on the X Prize.  Click on the links below for scans of the article:
 Page One
 Page Two

If you have a subscription to The Wall Street Journal Online, you can see the article here.


Does Anyone Hear Charles Lindbergh Chuckling?
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Next Generation Technologies Workshop 4

Team Leader Brian Feeney Picture at
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X-Prize PDF on da Vinci Project

Canada's da Vinci Project Unveils Rocket

OpenAir Project Management Solution Chosen to Put People in Space
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Canadian Rocket Team Angles for X-Prize
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