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da Vinci Project Limited Edition Art Work

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da Vinci I

Limited edition print entitled “daVinci I” . The print features 5 constellations including Orion, Monoceros, Canis Minor, Cancer and Gemini along with an artist’s rendering of the daVinci space craft. All prints will come with a reproduction of the pilot’s signature, Brian Feeney as well as the artist’s signature, Laurie Besplug. The piece will not be reproduced again. Prints will be numbered from 240 through 2004. Outer dimension of the print is 16 inches by 34 inches, the image measures 14 inches by 31.5 inches.

Laurie Besplug is a resident of Kindersley Saskatchewan, the launch location for the da Vinci Project manned flights to space. Her artwork is well sought after throughout North America. She approached the da Vinci Project wanting to do a them painting. Proceeds go to the da Vinci Project and Kindersley to support the projects efforts to put the first private manned flight into space.

"This painting is dedicated to anyone that has dreamed of doing the impossible and reaching for the stars. It depicts the point where Brian Feeney reaches his goal of traveling into space, just before he returns to earth. The painting is a visual interpretation of a man’s dream of traveling into space."
                  - Laurie Besplug

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$15.00 Shipping to U.S.

$20.00 Shipped International (including Alaska and Hawaii)

da Vinci Project Official Mission Patch


Buy the da Vinci Project Official Mission Patch. We’ll mail you a decal version of the patch immediately. There’s more, we’ll fly your original NASA style high quality Embroidered mission patch on one of the historical da Vinci Project Wild Fire flights into space. The patch will include the following wording, 'This patch has been to space and back.'

Your mission patch will be registered as part of the official payload on our manned flight to space. Own a piece of history. Your patch will be forwarded to you with its official launch certificate following its flight to space.

Special introductory promotional price of just
CDN $25.00 (net proceeds to the da Vinci Project.)

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